Harpy Daniels is here to serve her country, Henny!
"God made me this way for a reason."
Moore's mother is advocating against Ed Buck.
The Magistrate said the man's religion didn't justify vandalism.
One's "bare-naked", another used to cook for Oprah and the third is Gaga's father. No joke.
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The Queen of Pop is About to Celebrate Her 60th B-Day, And Wants To Spend More Time With Her Family.
Twitter thought that was pretty funny
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This is second time Macron has addressed gay rumors
Stop disrupting our day... kidding.
'I can't wait to see how this turns out,': RuPaul.
Not like we had a chance (maybe).
The legendary male supermodel left little to the imagination.
“You may kiss the groom, boys.”
Police found him heading to the 2016 LA Pride one day after Pulse.
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He seems unapologetic about it as well.
The oxymoron of it all.
Proceeds go to charity. Just wait until you see Max crack the whip as Dita from "Erotica."
'I was her victim last night at Radio City.'
Divine will always be remembered by his cast mates, friends, and fans.
He's been part of the show ever since its premiered 10 years ago.