A Chinese-American report shows depressed, hopeless men are more likely to in particular.
Rodrigo Alves Lasted Only Nine Days!
“Just because we have ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Love, Simon’ doesn’t mean we’re anywhere close to where we need to be."
Yet it's still 12 months in the US and many other countries.
How Will The Liberal View Shape Up With A Second Conservative?
And yes, the sock he wears over it does fall off 'all the time'.
How will the family cope with her passing?
“The saddest thing is when the family doesn’t know.”
Marsha Wetzel says she was called anti-LGBT slurs, spit upon and more
Remember when Jared & Ivanka were supposed to be 'LGBT allies?'
Agency faces claims of mishandlng him as a QPOC.
The video of the mini-brawl went viral fast!
The series will be like Love Island but with an LGBTQ cast!
“I swallowed some serious nerves and ran up, fanboyed a smidge and asked as politely as I could if she wouldn’t mind"
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but said they should do this instead. WTF?
Was 'proud' to come out to classmates, but soon after, the bullying commenced
Acclaimed movie has been called "most sexually frank film at Cannes"
“This stigma is real and it’s unnecessary"
Should our advocacy groups focus on LGBTQ candidates?
Kenworthy teased "new video coming soon!" in snap with Shawn Mendes & Colton Haynes
Mary M. Rowland is well respected by Congress and Justice officials.
Another anti-LGBTQ person caught fetishizing us.
Is this what Jesus would have wanted?
Parsons became the most paid tv actor thanks to the show.
This adorable couple has been going strong for almost a year now.
Consider this Carrie Bradshaw's alter ego.
Is she pulling a Madonna here?