Jair Bolsonaro has been called 'the Trump of the Tropics'
"we must take extra precaution to protect all our families"
The upcoming movie is based on the novel by legendary Black, queer writer James Baldwin.
Calvin Klein briefs only add to the intrigue
He blames his now-infamous traffic rant on being bi-polar
Polish students dress in rainbow in protest of Poland's governmental threats.
INTERVIEW: What people don't know about the actions that led up to the culminating demonstration
She's beautiful, she's gorgeous, she looks like...Angel?
Rippon was totes cool with it saying "Feels right"
Taron shared a pic on his Instagram with a cryptic message
Haters yelled at one of the men for wearing a Speedo
Russian teen does not have to pay fine for posting pictures online.
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Many LGBTQ workers are afraid to come out because of potential discrimination.
Gay parents were celebrating the adoption of twins
Schools were urged to cancel events that promote LGBTQ equality in fear of consequences from the government.
"I was planning to kill myself. I wanted to make sure that I would not be mis-gendered in my death."
‘You still need to butch it up’. I literally had to change everything about myself ... otherwise I was never gonna make it.
Twinks in tighty whities, showering with your coach who's also a leather daddy...Oh, FREDDY!
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'Sisak' & 'A Father's Wish' open hotel guests to LGBT themes at the Modern Hotel and Bar
He's been off all of our radars, but disgusting Instagram post shows us his hatred is still around.
His manager said that she was surprised that he was the one sending the bombs.
The MMA fighter posed for some risqué, moody pics before becoming the face of Garcon Model.
Some people are just too hateful.
Vermont's Gubernatorial Race Is About Vermont Issues?