Does he have that big d**k energy?
Michael Hoffman is beefed-up, tatted-up and ready for the money-shot
"We must go our separate ways"
53% say they still hear gay/lesbian 'jokes' at work
Requesting documents for entry of guide dogs is illegal in the U.S.
Celebrating sports and diversity the adult way.
The marriage of two years is now over.
Some fans say the Queen of Pop's post was misjudged, and many in the Beyhive are furious.
A tough group to choose from.
These steps will help you in your path to complete mediocrity!
The season 10 reunion confirmed at least one to be true.
"I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for the gay community." - Madonna
The Ohio bill is being largely contested.
Do you agree?
"The bouncer replied a couple is only made of a woman and a man."
But in what context?
This year's edition is more inclusive of LGBTQ athletes than ever
The video includes President Obama, Sam Smith, Laverne Cox and more
Supreme Court asks state court to revisit its decision
Show us on the flag which color doesn't represent you? Why seek change?
She's not a racist, she's an idiot...says she.
Though only ceremonial, several couples were happy to wed.
One definitely stands out more than any other.
The crime was real, but he says the jury was biased.
But he says it was consensual.
The White House Press Secretary has repeatedly supported the Trump administration's discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.
ABC News wonders if folks would speak up to anti-LGBTQ animus
Do you live in one of the 28 states where you can be fired just for being LGBTQ+?
“This is a difficult time for the LGBTQ community, and we will not be deterred."
From his full frontal, semi controversial Trump statements, to a music video.