One of the bullies died on the scene.
"it’s a conversation that needs to be had."
Looks like NBC wants this whole situation to end.
"Finally, our country is joining the rest of Europe!"
LGBTQ advocates say this is a clear overreach of power and blatant attack against the LGBTQ people.
You give us joie de vivre every time we visit
Sweet, and delicious!
He uses a hat as cover up.
What was found surrounding her body?
100% USDA Certified Prime Beef!
From living in a refuge camp to critical acclaim. Vuong has come a long way.
Oh my, Pietro!
While controversy is spreading over the cricket player, Morgan says people should be praising him.
...Police Report Reveals
Simmer down folks...
She helped launch his career in many ways.
Sweet and juicy! (NSFW)
Yup, we'd pay to see that!
"The idea that the concept of marriage will be sullied by same-sex marriage is ridiculous."
Will he find a way to include Janet Jackson?
“We really want to talk about that now?”
And its all about a toxic but lovely romance.
Can we get beyond the mugshot/cheating and just enjoy his sexiness?
"Undetectable Equals Untransmittable"
Hear Him Hurl Homophobic Slurs At Her
Bunnies, Celebrities, And More React To The Playboy Founder’s Passing
here's what the Supreme Court will hear this Fall when they return on Oct 2nd.
Says Messing: "Regret going on. Dismayed by her comments."