Social Media Calls For Elimination!
It may not matter if you're on the DL anymore.
We are GLEEful for his decision.
Why do each of the girls feel they are going to win?
Can everyday be leg day?
Twitter Deems FRIENDS Homophobic!
Looks like weekly pill would be more effective than a daily. More apt to sign up for PrEP?
Exclusive spaces may exclude some of our rainbow family members and their partners.
The gorgeous singer is in just a towel, but we're the ones who are wet...
"I couldn't possibly continue discriminating against others, including people of color."
We're not sure he needed it, but we'll definitely watch!
Do You Prefer Jockstraps, Briefs, Boxers, Or Commando?!
George Koh, 24, and Jonathan Okigbo, 23, were charged with his murder,
Welcome back, stud.
The best part is how she reacts!
It doesn't make them all gay. Calm down Russia! We enjoyed it!
Read the announcement from the hardest working queen on Boniva!
From getting kicked out for being gay to being a cancer researcher and country representative. Things are looking up for Maiti.
Coming to U.S. theaters March 16th.
Despite seeking help multiple times and informing officials of his threats, the inmate was beaten and raped by his cellmate.
The anthology web series is back with it's fifth chapter all about open relationships in Silver Lake, LA.
The music video shows a gay couple enjoying their lives in love and happiness.
Despite the alleged reasoning of defending two gay men from a bashing, he's still facing charges for affray.
The LGBTQ Icon's EXPLOSIVE statement has Hollywood shaking.
See the muscle we never get to see!
Take a look at their special day!
Go Gus, Go!
It is the first series to be made up of deaf writers, producers and creators.
While the team figure skater went to Olympics before, this will be his first time there since coming out.
How her voice and music healed the hearts of all rebels and outcasts