The quick A B C of Maine's largest city.
With a 214/209 vote
Teatotaller - we're not abstaining from you! Save us a seat!
Alaska and Carmen Carrera help make it possible!
May move to punishing criminals behind closed doors so it's not bad for business.
The time has come...
Access to your favorite internet content could be gone
shares their story with the world. Congrats men!
It may be a small nation, but its impact will be huge. A turning point?
Get soaking wet with Dean! (NSFW-ish!)
...For Vile Attack Of Gender Creative Kid
Take a closer look at Colton Hayne's infamous "Rough Night" scene!
And the Internet is pissed!
Robbie's lost his pants again...
...UK Supreme Court Rules
A new rock musical highlighting our LGBTQ homeless youth
$26 million toward equality
Nico's looking fine AF!
It's official!
"In Europe, all beaches are nude beaches." (NSFW-ish!)
Senator Luther Strange says Trump is, "the greatest thing that’s happened to this country."
Boys will be boys...
Britney says it's her dream is to headline the Super Bowl halftime show!
All the feels!
Return to the Upside Down!
We wonder, do the real ones have dimples?
“Meeting men used to be so easy. I don’t mean that in a Grindr sort of way.” 
You and your partner are tying the knot, now what?
Let's just say there's a lot to admire...
"I been kissing white boys since 2004."