The big news from Hillary's camp following an important meeting with HIV/AIDS activists...
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Suspends Banks from Its Service Over Racist Sexist Malik Messages.
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Which is your fave?
Rescue us next, please!
Montreal shows their support for a gay couple that was assaulted.
Gotta love a shower Instagram photo!
He says he "cannot take anymore" abuse from players.
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She's been booted from a music festival following her racist and homophobic tirade.
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Yay or nay?
Practice makes perfect, guys!
Awkward moments, and how to dance your way out of them!
Spoiler: It involves a sexy hunk of man. 
Meet "Lawrence Croft."
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What if God was one of us?
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“If they don’t change the rules, the reality is that this is just the beginning.”
Savage and Stephen Colbert discuss politics, and the presidential race.
"I love myself, I don't need a god to do it."