Yes, this is actually happening.
‘People Deserve Realistic Portrayals’
“The beer festival or gay party is against our country’s culture."
"I'm not moving the bus until I get what I want.”
If fur is what you're into, then hit that double tap asap.
This isn't the first time government and religious beliefs have collided.
He's shown his support for the LGBT community before!
Such a cutie!
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And the character will pop up soon!
And you'll never guess the twist at the end
And conveniently announces his new single and album for next month....
Nice snake, bro.
Men are claiming internet porn is leading to erectile dysfunction.
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Halleloo! Who made the list?
Next time people might not attach billboard to their shop
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He travels, competes in bodybuilding contests, and teaches elementary schoolers.
Reports say he's engaging in heavy drug activity and threatening to harm himself and others.
Early tests are also showing its ability to prevent infection.
What was a lucky break was almost a deadly accident. Who's to blame?
And gave the story of why the app was created in the first place.
He asks fans to "Caption this!"