The music video shows a gay couple enjoying their lives in love and happiness.
Despite the alleged reasoning of defending two gay men from a bashing, he's still facing charges for affray.
The LGBTQ Icon's EXPLOSIVE statement has Hollywood shaking.
See the muscle we never get to see!
Take a look at their special day!
Go Gus, Go!
It is the first series to be made up of deaf writers, producers and creators.
While the team figure skater went to Olympics before, this will be his first time there since coming out.
How her voice and music healed the hearts of all rebels and outcasts
The study involving white t-shirts had partners react to their man's 24-hour BO.
The calendar from last year had burly Candian men donning fishtails for a good cause.
"I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue."
The newlyweds space looks inviting in many ways.
These photos are not for the faint of heart.
Looks like those leaked photos of Tom clearly don't bother him.
LOL! You sexy silly Billy.
And the results... Crikey!
“Having parents upset, that was not my intention. It's not what I wanted at all."
The university says it was to serve and respect its students, religion allowing.
​If you don’t have this friend, that means it’s you.
You're welcome...
The transgender whistleblower wants to be a senator in Maryland.
A classic case of 'Who Would You Rather'.
The woman in question claimed he took advantage of her on a date in 2017.
See the shirtless and gay peeks and decide for yourself!
Sam Rockwell's character meets his son's boyfriend with the stage name 'Marco Pumpgood.'
"Springtime skincare line - Blotch"
the first track from his debut album due later this spring.
The rest find it "reprehensible"
The wait is over...