A heavenly reunion!
With his past record, he shouldn't have been let near school children.
Who needs a loincloth, anyway? (NSFW)
He was the first Filipino to win the competition and he's using the momentum to start an acting career.
The late Johnny Fratto made sure to tell us what he though of the gay Tom Cruise rumors.
American Horror Story Is A Cult You Should Be Following!
The event turned into a full on "drag-a-thon"
The first state department to actively stop discriminatory practices
Congratulations, and much love to George and Brad!
All that fur!
A high school bus driver allegedly went on a homophobic diatribe against gay students.
The couple had been married for eight years.
The Hawaii Island Of Kauai - Ranked One Of The Top 10 Islands In The World. We Agree!
He's got mesmerizing talent! (NSFW-ish!)
"I don’t identify as polyamorist “so I can just go out and f*** whatever I want”
But some feel there's still more room to go.
This is literally the best game of "Who would you rather?"
Ann Coulter has had it with 45!
“Depression doesn't need to be a terminal illness:  think of it as a beast that needs to be slain.”
Get "hot and sweaty" with Tom Daley!
...Tests Positive For "Lethal Combination" Of Drugs
It's coming to the US and UK!
And that's not all.
He, and 30 others, came to Canada for safety and solace, but Chechnya's reach apparently goes far.
And More From The Inspirational Speech Of "The Next Senator Of Michigan"
Is this promising news? Will a positive fix be a reality?
Apologizes to judge, she wasn't having it at all.
New study ranks top schools