Trying to distract us from the man candy at the Olympics, eh?
The figure skater from Canada is now the first openly gay athlete to win gold at the Winter Olympics.
He would be the state's first ever openly gay male congress member.
The Super Bowl performance was just the tip of the iceberg here.
He has clearly become the star of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
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Is It Time To Enlist?!
Stress Uni-form App usage. Current competitors show support.
And Beyoncé. Yeah.
The new fab five go beyond the labels and get to the emotional core of each subject.
And please call me a shameless thirst bucket in the comments. Please.
He did twice, but plagiarized what Russell Simmons said and blamed one of his alleged victims as well.
The thirst is real, folks.
His body, however, remains.
We R Who We R. And right now We R full-blown on the ground on stage.
Jackson is the gay actor Hollywood has been waiting for. And here's proof.
Or is the message heard, but just not believed?
Winter ladies are finally joined by three gentlemen this year!
He also evaluates President Trump's job performance. And talks eating squirrel brains. Yeah.
Did he have the stuff to pull of the Mother Monster performance?
See former Disney star Ross Lynch strip down and decide if this needs to stop or not!
What are some examples of stigmatizing state laws?
We're not shocked that this nation established its home in the Olympic Village as Pride House 2018
The Internet is reeling over her insane new Insta slam!
Our best look yet at what Nick is packing does not disappoint!
"I'm not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner."
Yet another reason to tune into the Winter Olympics.
They sparked outrage when they featured two gay dads in an earlier ad.
Who wouldn't want to wake up in between these two?
From Abs to FEET: What’s Your Poison?