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Total amount of pot sold? Roughly $3.5 million dollars.
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Close friends say that Jeremy Sanchez was a kind soul, a competitive athlete, and a victim of bullying because of his sexuality.
This 15 minutes short film watches a gay couple begin and end in beautiful silence.
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"Queers will burn and so will you."
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He's clearly hiding a lot under that fur coat.
A bird in the hand is worth Miller's bush. Wait, is that right...
‘This is a basic human rights issue, not one about sexuality.'
Plus that beard looks simply amazing,
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“I know my son and we have always just assumed he was bisexual; as it turns out he is gay."
Isn't nature beautiful (and gay)!
This is just a week after Ugandan Parliament Members ranted about their disgust of homosexuality.
The man was waiting outside for a friend when the frat boys attacked.
He even got a beautiful introduction by a legendary singer...
In one week, Masters ranted on twitter, posted employee numbers, got hospitalized, hacked his boyfriend, and said he was over it.
Surprisingly, the latest victim does not have ties to the gay village or McArthur.
A Michigan doctor decided not to treat a newborn baby after praying over the parents' sexual orientation.
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