"We're all united."
“Over 5,000 gay men will get HIV over the next two years – very many of whom would not have done so if PrEP had been delivered..."
Evans and Jackman have a sing-off and WE are the winners.
She writes: "I object to the kiss. Must we have the lesbian message shoved in our faces all the time?"
So many muscles!
Fashion! (NSFW)
Better than the originals?
And sets a Guinness World Record!
"Young, good-looking, white gay men - we love to hate those people."
Has lightning struck twice?
Never question Rafa's ball-handling skills.
Which superhero comes out on top?
A whole new world...
Inspired by the true story of identical twins, one of whom is transgender.
Grab the Kleenex!
Whoops! (NSFW)
Benham Brothers says it's a "bizzaro world" where they can't discriminate against gays.
Check out the gorgeous deaf model's first 'Dancing With The Stars' performance!
We'd love to get a crack at *these* eggs. (NSFW-ish)
And His Friendship With Kesha: Idolator Interview And Concert Review Inside
We're all winners here.
Careful with our Nyle!
A cure for the Monday blues!
Rihanna's face says it all!!
...and they're anything but square!
New cast members are on board for the Dustin Lance Black/Gus Van Sant miniseries.
We certainly don't!!
"I think it's good to be proud of what you have..."
What does she have to say about her anti-gay boyfriend's horrific attack on her son?
"I really try and help in the community as much as I can, and people are very grateful."
Cheeky photos + The lads need your help! #NSFW-ish!