He lives for creating 'eye-bulgingly good talent,' wink wink.
The award honors fresh, fearless and unique voices in entertainment
While many compalin about the new audio messages, the app itself completely shut down.
"Every single person deserves a shot at their dreams no matter their sex, ethnicity, or background."
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Some came to play, some came to slay...
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'Who wants to know about your f***ing migraines. F*g.'
Nice job!
We don't really need a reason for why this happened.
I know, I know... who wants to see shirtless naval cadets?
The "boys of summer" are back!
An amendment to the annual defense spending bill could do the trick
"Behind every great woman... is another great woman"
PrEP can significantly reduce HIV transmission in young people
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"Your voices were amazing, you look amazing, you’re just so hot!"
The 22-year-old crooner surprised 60, 000 Taylor Swift fans at the Rose Bowl on Saturday
Together we can stop homophobia and transphobia around the world
"Everything you've heard about me is true..."
The company once fought against NC's Anti-LGBTQ laws, so advocates worry this is the company selling out.
But polls show Cuomo's still in the lead.
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The Pope supports gay people and civil unions, though he's still against same-sex marriage.
Season 4 tackles working at a tech start up, white privilege, and the #MeToo movement!
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