We love you, Bea Arthur!
"...stop touching me all the time! It’s like, keep your hands to yourself."
The Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case could set a legal precedent for religious freedoms disputes.
Do you want a great gig?
He is charged with first degree murder & a domestic violence charge as well.
Get your bibs ready folks...
Sorry (not sorry) Trump!
And Assumes Travolta’s Wife Knows About It!
The homophobic republican senator had an on-camera appearance he wasn't expecting
The attackers threatened him "We're going to kill you for being a fagg*t!"
It doesn't matter what you say, there's no such thing as 'healthy obesity.'
It also stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins.
He's gorgeous to look at in any angle.
How much will change when you get one?
Giving you everything on your list with his SLAY!
The upward swing is quite impressive.
A friend after finding out: "You can't be gay, I'm gay."
Some are seeking asylum in Europe while others have committed suicide. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka tries to put on a good face.
The Court decided to take out the discriminatory phrasing distinguishing marriage as only for "different sexes."
Tune In!
'I’m Not Putting My Body At Risk'
Do you think his tweet intentionally insulted her, or no?
Easy Come, Easy Go, Little High, Little Low!
Preview the steamy photos and teaser video! (NSFW)
Grab Your Torches!
This is very troubling.
How He Went From Professional Hockey Player To LGBTQ Activist
...playing with cookie dough, and we’re starving for more!
"the difference between an a** and a stallion is only in the way you hold yourself..."
Stanely says he misses the sport but enjoys spending time with his fiancé.