“I feel like being gay is a blessing. I wanted that to come through.”
He used Instinct Magazine articles to prove his perspective, and here's why he's totally wrong.
He was pretty popular on Randy Blue for a while.
I'd be embarrassed too. Well, unless I looked like Apa.
Do You PNP?
Who's the drag queen who spoke up to stop it?
Was He Better Than The Hot Topics Queen?
And is there a lucky guy?
Are You With Him?
Many believe Carson was the victim of a hate crime, but police say the truth is even worse.
Slapping faces with their equipment, spotters giving the lifter something to sniff on, and full on grope sessions.
Traditional/Ceremonial garb never looked so good.
Murphy: "I disagree with his lifestyle. I do disagree with the fact that Billy is a homosexual." But what did Billy say back?
Scooch over, cutie.
'You had your chance.'
They planned to stage a hate-filled rally against him.
He discussed overcoming the racist comments they've received over the years.
Seriously, What Is Going On In Wisconsin?
No more straight actors in gay roles ever until the end of time. Thx.
And the two aren't letting a bystander slow them down.
Is our dream gay power couple here?
The first episode subject left fans wanting to know if they would get back together!
'I’m tired of fat shaming being celebrated.'
Her 'wiggles' caused spine and nerve damage for the customer... allegedly.
It comes with a letter stating his ownership.
Hot tub AND Archie does pushups in just his boxers? We are not worthy.
"To Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people."
Wait, which Disney character epitomizes the boyfriends' infamous PDA pics?
The L.A. city attorney's office says the statute of limitations for them to prosecute has expired.
The hottest scene of the season is here folks.