No more conspiracy theories... hunties.
According to Wikipedia...
'I felt cool AF'.
What's he got up his sleeve this time?
Is it T, is it shade, or is it pink lemonade?
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The Hey Qween host talks his favourite interview, Dita Von Teese and that Ginger Minj moment
Stolen Oscar--And Still No Arrests?--How Come, Frances?
They're not dead. Just dead to Hollywood.
For a show about a clothing designer, Darren sure isn't wearing much this season!
The sequel film stars Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Dick Van Dyke.
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The Senate & House have approved, but there's still more for the bill.
Are the conservative protests to blame?
"There remains the gravity of the cases for which those who have erred must pay the price."
In his speech, he thanked cast, crew, and most importantly....
Proposal at Demi Lovato concert has her saying, 'I'm so happy guys.I'm so f**king happy!"
NSFW because, well, duh.
A series of ads following the openly gay Olympian during his time in South Korea recorded this loving scene.
Greg, Ian, Gus... the extraordinary list goes on.
The three-time Emmy nominated actor came out publicly in 2009.
He came out as bisexual last March.
What's the strange reason that children aren't being allowed citizenship?
The film scored major nods including Best Picture and Actor.
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"It’s time to get real about these issues and ensure that everyone has access to the support they deserve.”
"You f***ed it up."
The video covers many desires. From agalmatophilia to zentai.
He says marriage equality is unconstitutional... but wants to marry his computer?
Fernandez talks electric shocking, testosterone shots, and more.