Alouettes sign Michael Sam to a 2-year contract
"I'm sorry, I don't know where their shirts are."
...and makes us wet in behind-the-scenes pool video!
Which X-Men diva are you rooting for?
Plus a new 'XXL' poster debuts!
Will you go see the remake? One original cast member is back!
Not 300, but enough to make me very happy
Hero of the week?
We fully support this.
Introducing a video of a heterophobic taxi driver!
You're welcome.
And scandalizes J.K. Rowling in the process!
Told Gay parishioner to commit suicide since he was already going to hell.
Check out the new images from Attitude!
Thanks, Sabra!
The Republican Presidential hopeful wants us to stop whining.
Getting children safely to and from school we see...
This image will leave you smizing all day long.
...and from supporting marriage equality
The church's senior pastor pens an open letter asking the congregation to avoid the "malicious" story.
The gravest injustice...
Is it working?
The suspect is described as "a career criminal."
"Not bad for a few old men!"