Playing rough, I see....
Congratulations to our winners!
The victims are speaking out for social justice and against homophobia
Brown worries that being away to film "Queer Eye" counts as bad parenting, but Twitter disagrees.
12-year-old Andrew Leach who struggled with his sexuality was crying for help
Well My My My does he look fine...
A recently released video shows the two gay men attacked in Washington, D.C. this past Sunday.
Hodgson, who's trying to become an actor, says he struggled with coming out because the industry is hostile to gay talent.
But what do people think of the movie?
Get a load of his vibranium in these NSFW images
Repost: Not everyone is happy with Coachella's owner for donating to Anti-LGBTQ politicians.
'McQueen' offers a vivid portrait of the tortured but inspired auteur’s work and persona. 
Now, that's impressive and sexy! We're left wanting to see more.
The Raging Stallion star has developed a major following in a short period of time.
"We're here, we're queer, and we're not going to listen to his agenda."
He wants it soft, though.
Which one do you like the best?
The nationally recognized Rotary Club gained its first primarily LGBTQQ (queer & questioning) community service group.
After user protests and government criticism, Weibo decided not to ban its 392 million users from posting gay content.
These two are so cute that I think I'm going to puke.
How the organization is going the extra mile for the LGBTQ community that night.
Meet in this situation could be spelled "Meat", wink wink.
Twitter can't get over Lonsdale's pirate inspired outfit.
Fans celebrate about the tweet merging Kpop, Love, Simon, and Troyve Sivan together.
What an adorable couple!
The songs, formations, and Destiny's Child reunion that SHOOK the Beyhive
The internet wasn't ready for this.
'Good morning, b**ches!'
That outfit though...
David Buckel left a note with his reasoning for his death