With all the hate going around, let's celebrate this anniversary of love.
The liar's now facing a felony charge and potentially five years in prison.
The stand-up comedian and actress will write and produce the comedy.
This is educational, and rather heartwarming.
AT&T, Tim Cook, Imagine Dragons & LGBT performers make a big statement in Utah.
The Queen of Pop was photographed enjoying a country life with her children, and savoring Lisbon's nightlife.
How Grindr has helped him secure a place to sleep.
She clapped back at him after he made a comment on her body.
More details to come after new constitution change that could bring Cuba gay marriage.
AARP says they're not surprised.
A tale of fragile masculinity.
New bill would require census to count all LGBTQs in US
The single marks the band's first new release in nearly 20 years
The writers handled a gay character in a remarkable way
"Adventure/Blood Moon wknd with my boy."
Her name is Sara Cunningham.
This is hilarious.
Have you been watching the divisive "Who Is America?" on Showtime? What's your take?
Let me explain…
‘Gimme More.’
September can't come soon enough, hunties.
Yasss, Queen! Werk! Prepare for take-off!
The 'Arrow' star has always been a 'fun in the sun' kinda guy
The entertainment reporter opens up after coming out HIV positive
Sessions called lawsuits filed due to LGBTQ discrimination "a dangerous movement"
Thanks to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, justice was served.
But the manager's fighting back.
This comes just 3 months after legalizing homosexuality.
UPDATED: Alaska Airlines issues statement to Instinct
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