Teachers debated whether she should be allowed in the boys' or girls' locker room
This one is really nice. A still life of full-frontal hotness.
Should we support this?
“I’m always proud of my friend no matter what."
With less subscribers & views by the day, is Oakley still popular?
Another Barbra Streisand redo? Is Mother Monster caught in a Babs Romance?
"To see the Lakers stepping forward and supporting the LGBT community in such a visible way is awesome."
“Gabriel is part of the new wave of young progressive Latinos who are running for office to effect positive change."
That pizza won’t eat itself.
The gunman was a disgruntled and drunk patron
The man responsible claims he was 'robbed by a gay man once'
No cause of death has been released
Gay Republican group found a tweet from 2011 using a gay slur
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Romanians boycotted a controversial referendum that would permanently ban same-sex marriage.
Sure, the PrEP debate is still there, but these numbers have more to do with which age groups are testing themselves.
Don't fall for the hype; the new 'Halloween' is a disappointment.
We have some questions for the Shirtless Violinist. Don't leave us hanging!
Pop star slammed anti-gay GOP candidate's "appalling" voting record
Two Brad's in one world is a dangerous sort of thing.
DragCon NYC was a lot more fun thanks to her.
Former 'People's Sexiest Bachelor' is back with a new bop
Says city now ‘too permissive’ regarding certain street behavior
Teachers no longer required to disclose information about their students' identity to parents.
Sexy, gender-blind casting makes this Broadway musical even more inspired
Addresses passengers, flight attendants, airlines, and space travel, but doesn't protect our wallets from fees.
Thanks J. Lo and Lil Kim!
The Oscars are waiting for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
Will the Olympics-Inspired Act influence national legislation?
Using condoms properly not only decreases your chance of getting STDs, it also makes sex much more pleasurable.