See the shirtless and gay peeks and decide for yourself!
Sam Rockwell's character meets his son's boyfriend with the stage name 'Marco Pumpgood.'
"Springtime skincare line - Blotch"
the first track from his debut album due later this spring.
The rest find it "reprehensible"
The wait is over...
The newlyweds are too hot to handle in these first post-marriage pics!
His first nude scene in over 20 years does not disappoint...
Will the program spread to other states?
Harry Potter has some AMAZING words for Gellert Grindelwald!
Of course there's denial from the Whitehouse that #45 said those words.
He also reveals the strange photo requests he's gotten.
'I don’t think somebody like me would be welcome there.'
So much butt.
Ricky Martin and Darren Criss should be enough.
From Janet to J. Lo... we count em down.
"Here's to being who you are."
Husband turned himself in and has been charged with her murder
The alleged incident happened with porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2006.
Lohan Wants Her Own Island!
The new music video by the gay Australian singer sees him "throwing all inhibition to the wind."
The singer says that despite judgement from the gospel/Christian community, he wants to be his authentic self.
He tried to blame Obama again, but Twitter came with receipts.
The suspect denies these accusations but multiple players say he allegedly filmed them.
Elliott DeGeneres passed away at the age of 92.
No shrinkage necessary.
Do not come for his talent... or his brows.
Start your year off right with these fantastic bits of advice.
A couple and a nutty neighbor are back!