“Alongside all those nutty chunks, this pint packs a powerful message under its lid."
Rain Dove finds out over social media who attacked them. See their response.
But can the young person be changed by this experience?
It's sad but not surprising.
Some have chosen not to wear. Agree with their reasons?
Cast & crew are being very hush hush about the plot
This is far from the first time this matter has been brought up.
How Does This Thanksgiving Compare To Others?
Public referendum offered mixed results for LGBTQ people
The video tease recreates iconic shots from the 1994 original
Young gay guys learning about sex in the PrEP era, Serosorting, 'Inevitable’ Transmission, and U=U.
Here's our money now, but we want to hear this on the next one.
That butt though!
“I’m very thankful.”
Some people are just sick
The approach leap frogs over the usual appeals court process
Attackers were charged with hate crime but you won't believe their punishment
Maybe they should just build a Popeye's
Currently no nation in Asian region recognizes same-sex relationships
"I heard you were thirsty...."
Survey Says: 63% of Americans support Idris Elba as the new James Bond.
But the anti-gay marriage legislative isn't done yet.
Hopefully it won't happen again.
“It’s not about some weird dude with a helicopter, you know?" she said shading 'Fifty Shades.'
And it was fabulous!
Queen biopic becomes highest grossing LGBT-themed film of all time
Oh haiiiii.
We're waiting on a "Tip Your Waitress" rock ballad.
Please read.
“Dear children of God who oppose homosexuality...."