The shock jock clarifies his comments.
The teens were apparently asking for it when they posted a picture of them kissing.
...and admits he's had unprotected sex despite knowing
We'll get the popcorn!
These boys will help you get through it
"Slamming" is spreading in popularity in the U.K.
HUGE news out of right field!
A gay sex scene between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got Harvey Weinstein and Miramax the hit film!
'Where Do You Eat Your Acai Brothers?'
The thirst is real with this one.
Congratulations, Joel!
Anything for his fans!
Tell us more, Colin!
...and a MAJOR change to the show is announced!
Right in the Pope's backyard!
Our favorite pro-gay naked rowers return!
And it's glorious!!
Nearly 1 in 5 gay Republicans oppose same-sex marriage. More results inside.
'Why Are Whites Always The Bottom In Interracial Porn?'