All that holiday fun and cold weather cuddling might come with a nasty surprise.
You sure about that researchers?
"men who engage in homosexual or extramarital sex are “un-Godly” and “wicked” sinners and their deaths would be celebrated"
Lap it up!
Darren's revealing selfie had us blushing!
A rare unicorn sighting in London. ;)
Was his sentence enough?
We're rooting for his successful campaign for public office!
Will now offer a legally-unrecognized commitment ceremony.
Was this the performance of the night? Way to go NBC!
He has a pretty phenomenal back story too.
She joined the cast last season, but is already done.
Transgender film critic Danielle Solzman released an abusive email he allegedly sent her.
As nations start to see their wrongs of the past, do we accept their apologies today?
One guy claims to have the largest package on reality television.
Comedy Club fights bigotry by hosting a "Pop-Up Love Wins Dance Party"
He can't accept that he lost the race fair and square.
He's also a brown belt in jiu-jitsu.
Transgender Woman Talks Sleeping With Straight Men!
Who Made The List?
Memories or "things" will keep us happier longer?
Our Suspicions Were True!
Thank God. Katy's got us covered.
Which Songs Will She Be Singing?!
Three researchers compiled and analyzed data about LGBTQ teens considering suicide.
A talented cutie who has booty popped his way into our hearts!
The state's laws only define protections from sex based crimes and not sexual orientation based ones. Apparently, that matters.
A 36-year-old man was shopping in London when this man yelled at him, attacked him, and stole from him.
Did they kill off Meryl Streep?!
And A Bunch Of Good Ole’ Country Trump Supporters!