Will Nebraska be the State 38 by next week?
"There is only one true King."
He keeps one at the ready.
What did the model unhappily featured on an anti-gay billboard announce this month?
Did we break into the double digits? More than 5?
Bring back that lovin' feeling!
...quickly realizes "that being gay is really not a choice."
He apparently didn't like being asked to remove his belt...
GLAAD and Alan Cumming challenge you to go one year without sex for a great cause!
The doctor cites religious beliefs.
Bryce takes us to school!
The soap star will receive no jail time for the car crash.
What's Freud's response when a mother writes to him seeking help for her gay son?
Frightening news out of Cuba...
A huge breakthrough in the fight against HIV??
Happy Hump Day!
The 21-year-old has admitted to stalking the Hollywood mogul.
We're in love with trans male Aydian Dowling!!
This is one way to celebrate your birthday, Robbie!