Facebook recognition now knows your face enough to alert you if someone else uploaded a picture of you.
So very sad!
Actor Claims He Was Infected By Anonymous Sex Scene!
Could he look anymore delicious than he already does?
"I’m gonna be a Las Vegas girl!"
So cute!
Em also explains how he found Elton John's diamond-encrusted wedding gift.
“I am Greg. I am a Roman Catholic priest. And, yes, I am gay!"
“But [they said] no gay, absolutely no gay. So I said no gay, no show. And that was it.”
Her husband even wielded a gun!
Cue the tears! The acclaimed memoir is coming to the screen!
Is There Anything She Can’t Do?!
From Her Lips To Your Parliament!
The LGBTQ Community Makes An Impact Every Day!
“I wanted to prove that you can be hairy and have a belly and it can be sexy.”
Nothing holding us back... from looking.
Francois Sagat is just one of them...
"Grindr? Is Grindr a thing?"
And she's got the receipts....
What's the matter--were they out of Coke?
Yasss, Gaga!!!
So this is what $150 million buys you...
“I love myself a lot, so I don’t get hurt by those who hate me because of my sexuality.”
Jingle those bells! (NSFW-ish!)
"I’m very much single."
Brace yourself!
He's so dreamy!
Well that explains things!
“I am not a hater, I have no problem with people, I just don’t like it thrown in my face,” one protester said.
After ABC's Twitter announcement, we have a few short months 'til the Connors come back to our lives.