You have to see this cast!
The man charged in, punched and sprayed the employee and ran out. Police say they've arrested a man in connection to the crime.
They say they were on the hunt for pedophiles.
Plus a special visit from Ivanka (Scarlett Johansson).
His instagram is covered with his personal creations, and you can order a pair of your very own.
Things are about to get real...
And talks possibility of life with a man.
"I want Oscar Isaac to **** me in the ***"
Not only did the man have a rare condition, but his sex life was ruined by it.
The man, and the child's mother, beat the boy, fed him cat feces, locked him in a cage, burned him and more.
“I’m not going anywhere with you...”
Are We Too Busy On Grindr?
"We're sick of you pushing your agenda."
In case you need another look at that new chest ink!
"The Last thing we needed was Roy Moore in Washington"
Perhaps straight couples could learn a thing or two?
"The independence to do all those things which they are unable to do living a double life in the society."
A man made a special request to his local bakery, and boy did they deliver!
Watch the Broadway 'bod god' unwrap his gift in the name of Christmas!
The Oregon politician won't comment on his criminal history
Music, Food, Drinks and Making out!
"I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous."
Was it a year to remember or to forget?
The Christian group is operating under the guise of concerned patriots.
"It is disturbing and it's obviously upsetting to me."
We are 'green' with envy!
He showed off his dancing skills, but people weren't really focusing on that.
Go Team!
"I don't subscribe to make-believe gender roles, I wasn't threatened by the idea of pregnancy."
Deck your halls with Colton Haynes, Nyle DiMarco, Sam Smith, Ellen, Tyler Oakley & more!