(Cracking whip sound)
...cause we think Queen M's live mic feed from "Living For Love" is pretty impressive!
These dudes make us want to crack more than a book!
Gay "Dating App" Survey allows you to see how your answers rank against others.
We don't object!
“The change in people’s attitudes on that issue has been enormous."
Yes, please.
This is the way to handle viral controversy!
The royal court is in session!
"I'm enjoying being single. I'm enjoying this process."
"We've been watching a lot of hetero sex on TV for decades, so it's nice to finally have a turn."
It's good to be Laverne Cox!
Check out a gallery of the "lone wolf" set to descend upon Beacon Hills!
And starring gay porn star Dean Monroe!
How did he react??
...over lack of gay Irish inclusion
Is it warm in here??
Congrats, guys!!
Stunning, disgusting move from Sam Brownback...
Watch as Chad surprises Zac on the set of the "Heartbeat Song" music video!