Will counter-sue for the pastor's claims that he received a cake with a gay slur on it
Hinting at an on-screen pairing??
Doesn't get that he was being transphobic...
The adult film star says the movie "bastardized" his life.
"Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target."
Bigotry - coming soon to a bathroom near you.
Gabe Gonzalez drops more booty knowledge.
Hippies reminiscing? Or responsible citizens doing what's right?
Cher is in talks to turn her life story into a Broadway musical.
Hilarity ensues.
Who do you want to see on 'Live!' with Kelly Ripa?
...citing recent Anti-LGBT legislation.
Doctors have expressed a "huge concern" over the drug resistant superbug.
Curt Schilling shared an outrageous and disgusting anti-trans post on Facebook, yesterday.
A group of 90 men paid homage to Glenn Close's iconic performance as Norma Desmond
North Carolinians aren't too pleased with Gov. McCrory
Happy Birthday, James!
So romantic!
Was this really an art project gone awry?
He steals the show on 'Britain's Got Talent'!
U.S. Appeals Court rules Virginia transgender student can use bathroom that matches gender identity.
And serve up relationship AND body goals!
Think these findings will match the New York primary results?
And keeps her feud with JLo alive!
James Franco's queer-baiting victory lap continues!
Which diva does he most resemble??
...Whole Foods says the Pastor is attempting fraud. What do you think?
Oh brother.
Ricky Martin's a lucky guy! (NSFW)
Adam Von Rothfelder's nude photos shocked 'Strong' producers. (NSFW)
Worth every penny!
Horses, Hunks, And Happy Times.