A early #throwbackthursday if you would like to indulge.
He slashed his throat, stabbed him over 20 times in the chest and stomach, then dumped his body in a Mexican ravine.
Lever pulled.
Were We Scammed By Racists?
"NOW a warning?!"
Claims ‘Being Gay’ Was The Reason!
"This is not the first firing for Omarosa from Trump!"
 “I swear, guys, we are going to be beat this damn disease."
Not everyone was feeling the love...
Sick burn!
Republican, Roy Moore, Is No More!
Fact Or Fiction?
Pegging Is At It Again!
She is the mother that many look to for support, guidance, love--regardless of who you are.
C’mon Sis, Not Our LiLo!
Watch their modern-day fairtale!
Does his statement give us some hope for southern voters?
"Bigotry in the name of jesus is still bigotry."
“Usually, I’m not a political person..."
The Loki we need, the Loki we deserve!
"I’m sorry that you think this lifestyle is OK..."
No mistletoe required!
He captioned the photo with #bigbuttproblems
Roy blamed the LGBTQ community for his allegations. Seriously.
But they are so thick and meaty!
Research Shows The Odds Are Likely…
The Locals Are Furious!
Her Newest Make-Up Line Is Expensive As Hell!
One critic said, "This song turned me into a bottom!"
This is not designed to be a self-help piece, FYI.