The UK Says His Claims Don't Amount to Persecution
"It’s based on deception, depravity, subterfuge, endless dirty tricks and no treats."
"Won't Lecture" the Egyptian President
A cover or Galantis & Rozes 'Girls on Boys' might be more our speed.
They sent a clear message to the administration
Corey Feldman Declares ‘The War Has Begun’!
Cheeky! (NSFW-ish!)
The man was previously employed as a researcher for Milo Yiannopoulos, according to reports.
According to a report, "anyone who calls for the acceptance of homosexuality" could face jail time.
The bisexual singer is sharing his story of self-harm to show LGBTQ youth there's more beyond their dark days.
Results also show there's a higher preconceived stigma towards HIV+ people in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.
The Youtube video's as disturbing (and charming?) as you imagine.
"I never finished. Something about almost dying was just a major turnoff.”
Roy Moore thinks homosexulaity is illegal and equal to bestiality. And now he's running for office in Washington.
Releases Taylor Swift Parody To Announce Her World Tour!
From Seducing Hermaphrodites To Persistent Lesbians: We’ve Got Them Covered!
Keep digging that hole, Kim.
It will happen on the show "Andi Mack."
But some towns people weren't on board with his fundraiser appearance while in drag.
The group has sprung up due to national events
Sessions dispatches federal attorney to assist in trial. Good news?
States they were "out" with teammates but asked for respect.
But what did the other fighter have to say?
“I wanted to scream because I wanted to be able to talk openly and freely about my attraction to men."
Wow! How about them donuts!
Ruff! We want to volunteer!
The church wants to avoid "scandal and confusion" and any connection to homosexuality.