He blamed incontinence for why this may be happening more frequently.
Sexy with a side of cute... ey.
Where am I going in March?
Not sure if we will ever get tired of seeing this.
Homophobic Indian station wants viewers to stop the spread of homosexuality by getting treated and stopping their porn viewings.
The hilarious play is fantastically directed by 'Ugly Betty' star Michael Urie.
The two friends were confident in themselves and in their friendship. Love comes in many forms.
The Thai lip balm commercial uses BL to get their customer's attention... and ours.
NYC's Lower East Side got its own package for Christmas.
The London couple were in town visiting family when the hotel fire happened.
Zaddy AF!
Mistletoe is still accepted.
Many others got involved. It got serious. Seriously f****ng funny.
She's not the only one with a funny sense of humor in the family.
Happy Birthday, Ricky Martin!
Shake what your mama gave you!
We wish Jake Bain much continued success!
What gets his parts moving?
"The kid looks genuinely happy! Just let him enjoy his little life without having social norms imposed on him."
A Christmas Eve to remember for the queen and her king
Instinct Replay: Not everyone needs a six pack for the job.
He enjoyed a boat right with another studly friend.
She was a big singer way before 'RPDR' even existed.
A special thanks for them to all the Instinct Magazine readers.
Pvssy Spits, She Doesn't Swallow!
Family goals...
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Definitely naughtier than nice
Does his past success in Texas politics have us worried?