On the set of 'King Cobra'!
You're forgiven, Adele!!
to save battery life. My OCD is not going to handle this change well.
Oh those Europeans... (NSFW)
"The Leslie Jordan today would barely recognize the Leslie Jordan back then."
"Our practice may not be a good fit."
Groff and more team up with GLAAD and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in the fight against HIV.
Do queer people share an unspoken bond with witches?
To fluff or not to fluff--that is the question?
James Franco will be there for you...
We wonder if they have free shipping...
We make everything better, but what is this report based on? Is it just P.R.?
I knew the twist at the end, but it still caused tears.
Hazing? Or just boys being boys?
Who ever thought this was a good idea??
HBO ups the male nudity quotient. (NSFW)
Look out, Channing Tatum!!
And he captures it on video.
“I was so offended that they thought this was a worthwhile role to introduce the 1st black gay character to their lily-white show"
Your jaw will drop when you learn just how much more time...
And we wish he hadn't...
He takes on trolls that say a kitchen set will "turn his son gay."
Was the classic gay performance enough to keep her?
Check out James' revealing photo from the set!!
Check out the powerful message broadcast to Iceland's kids...
We fully support his cause.
Sorry, pup. You win some, you lose some.
What's more surprising--the questions or the answers?
Watch and tell us your thoughts.
The difference really is night and day!
What was her message to Hillary?