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"It was just about spending time with one another."
Part Three In A 3-Part Travel Series For Gay Men
The beloved children's book author is known for titles including, "The Giving Tree," and  "Where the Sidewalk Ends."
Several groups of gay men are still at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Here are the groups and charities helping them.
"I'm speaking to all of you today to hold myself accountable..."
April Ryan and Chris Johnson have been invited to the party several times before, but I guess Trump is no friend of theirs.
The minister says if the four-year-old prince grew up to be gay, it could change attitudes in the church.
Disappointing, but perhaps not surprising.
Following Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter feud with Roy Moore, Jimmy had this to say...
Watch him pay his respects to his late mother Jenni Rivera in the video
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The Attacker Claims He Was Punishing The Victim For Lying About His Age!
The Rowers actively seek to remove homophobia from sport, and promote inclusivity.
Kirk is causing quite the stir on Instagram!
Part Two In A 3-Part Travel Series For Gay Men
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The 17-year-old boyfriend and his 4 friends are under investigation but are currently being uncooperative.
Said Scarborough: "...people close to him say is mentally unfit..."
French Photographer Marc Martin explores male sexuality and gay history in this exhibition that's showing till February 5th.
Who would be your choice?
Twelve months of Trudeau? Where do we sign up!
His last name has a fun word in it.
He was fired from NBC News yesterday.
We want to know your thoughts!
Moore specifically calls out the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender for his allegations and for trying to "change culture."
Kokia has now become the first Israeli basketball player to come out as gay in the country.
Hammer also shared with Ellen his new found love for short shorts.
Price Society "will be asking police officers not to bring any branded clothing."
It’s Definitely A White Christmas.