Colton Southworth and his husband were refused service for being gay and most of the US is fine with that.
Hopefully this work of modern art helps you power through the week.
Here's why that might be a good thing.
Some leather & LGBTQ activists worry about changes in the area
He's 'cleary' very sexy.
He passed six years ago today.
"Every day I would think, What does it mean when I’m talking to a guy and connect with him emotionally with intimate energy?"
"He feels badly let down when he was proud to be gay in such a good job.”
When Chaz Bono came out as trans, Cher had a difficult time accepting him at first.
The new law imposes harsh penalties for discriminating against LGBTQ people
The fab musical encourages all to "let me be me"
We're spotlighting some of our recent posts, hot stories, and important news.
The Centennial State was once a hateful place for LGBT people, now it's one of the best places for equality.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we need to check, too.
The unconventional musical biopic will be released next year.
A wonderful sight to see.
So much drag, so little time.
If we're worried about this affecting the kids, let's ask them what they think!
An Evangelical college lifted a same-sex relationship ban and three days later reinstates it.
"To know that we all share the same blood and this happened...."
Homophobic thoughts are still prevalent within institutions and its impact may leave people jobless.
Is this clip hilarious and campy, depressing and horrifying, or a combination of all of that?
“I feel there are not enough black men who are able to express their art in the underwear industry..."
Tongue Pop!
“I have to go past the pub to go to work, and to be honest I get scared when I go past it."
The alleged victim allegedly said to Spacey: "What are you doing? This is what I do for a living. I have a son."
Firing this gay teacher was a big mistake!
Being gay doesn't disqualify people from serving their country. Eric Alva shows America that sexuality is onl a small part of him
"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”
They made the announcement at RuPaul's DragCon NYC on Saturday.