Beautiful butts, and beautiful scenery? What's not to love?! (NSFW-ish!)
Who will the superstar play on the Ryan Murphy series?
...In Chechnya
Following Attack On Gay Couple Holding Hands
"The politics bug bit me."
“I’m deeply outraged that a bank of this size would use homophobia as a basis for dismissal..."
What a heartwarming story!
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We might actually watch this!!
Plus two other nominations!
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Before seeing a hypnotist, he identified as a "total top." But then...
Our new crush!
Michelle Rodriguez chose her own prosthetic penis for her controversial role in 'The Assignment.'
"What made you decide to take an official role in the White House, and who the f*ck authorized that?"
For Stunning Daniel James Shoot (PHOTOS)
Dustin Lance Black is ready to take the modeling world by storm!
...Of Their Choice
The line to wake up with Chris Pratt starts here!
...following ethics complaints.
Eckhaus Latta used real people (not models) in its racy new ad campaign! (NSFW-ish!)
...With Britney Spears Concert!
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The agent was arrested last week in Maryland.
We're available for the next round!