Yeah, it was 1979, but “Come to Me” was a smash, sweetie
He was "revealed" decades ago.
Does this still hurt their careers for being themselves?
Who doesn't love a little cushion?
That didn't take long...
She discussed this matter when she was on 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'
A mix of Rocky Horror, Weird Science, and Frankenstein.
New look compared to Prince William.
Straight director and lead actor create a moving portrait of the artist as a young (and older) man
Said Biden of Gaga: "I'm here with not only a great friend, but a fierce advocate."
Check out the NSFW-ish GIFs.
...And I Love How They Did It
"Hi, squirrel."
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“Under no circumstance would... the best interest of the child... be promoted by the adoption... by a practicing homosexual.”
What was the catalyst for organizers to plan the walk for this Indian city?
One photo can send a powerful message.
Davis said she's grateful for the support of fans.
When TMZ asked if Andy had spoken to Kathy Griffin, he replied, "Who?"
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“No blacks, no Asians” still exist on the app.
LGBTQs have unique needs when entering recovery
6 million visitors a year and top awards cannot be wrong. We will return.
We are getting 'Ragnarock'ed.
He's short. There's the hint.
Bringing you up close and personal to the NY ball culture of the 80s
The UK Says His Claims Don't Amount to Persecution
"It’s based on deception, depravity, subterfuge, endless dirty tricks and no treats."
"Won't Lecture" the Egyptian President