Would You Be Fine Knowing Your Date Is In The Clouds?
Which ones are responsible for putting those cricks in our necks?
And wouldn't you know it, the letters say "Make America Great Again"
"I am alive, we are alive and we should be celebrating that fact."
In a crowded bar in a foreign land, watch your step and your hands.
Congratulations to the happy couple.
The charges are ones we all could go to jail for.
Groups claim lowering of charge will change HIV culture in the state. Agree?
It's legitimately shocking...
It's not just for the straight guys anymore...
Was the transgendered activist murdered?
One accused the other of wearing five pairs to conceal "chicken legs".
A day to remember, but are we now too tuned out and squirrel?
Even the Japanese couldn't stand by and let this character continue.
The flag will go up on National Coming Out day.
I 'Fulfilled All My Dreams'
"This whole parenting thing takes guts."
Andrew Hayden-Smith Couldn't Help Tweeting Out, "Nah Mate..."
He says: "Thank you to everyone who has continued to believe in me and stick by My side."
The singer says the song is inspired by his trip to Iraq.
Turns out, "religious freedom" is code for "our freedoms over yours."
Grace utters the words "Marinara f##k."
Enter the secret world...
He tells the stories on "Conan".
He reveals all in his new book "Logical Family"
A fresh start from the too-political premiere.
"...you’ve got to live the way God wants you to live."
According to a source, Carter was "extremely disappointed that he had to leave the facility."
Jason Domino wants to help make PrEP more accessible.