You won't find Hallmark's cards celebrating same-sex marriage on the college bookstore's shelves.
Did same-sex marriage bring about "Armagayddon"?
How do different nations stack up??
It's hump day, and you're welcome!
How do these compare with yours?
"Why should I swipe people who are unattractive?"
And the rhythm is so gonna get you!
Is it Bryan Hawn or Nicki Minaj?
We can't look away.
What the ... ?
What does the poll find?
...with more ready to go up around the U.S.
See EXACTLY what makes Prince Charming sooo charming!
All proceeds from the settlement are going to LGBT charities!
No T, no shades.
Like a fine wine....
Because, of course. Watch!
And it's unlike any you've seen!
Maxim Martsinkevich, the anti-gay vigilante that tortured Russian gay youth, gets his sentence.
It's hot down there, they HAVE to take their clothes off!