Wands out, boys!
Should we shop elsewhere when this happens?
"I hope the real answer never comes out!"
Are we going backwards?
Starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley
A reader shares his journey from first love to now.
The 'Big Brother' stud lets it all hang out... (NSFW)
And incites violence against the LGBT community.
what are your thoughts?
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Slippery when wet...
With the release of "Fantastic Beasts," Harry Potter fans will finally get to see young Dumbledore.
By 5000%!
"I was young and foolish..."
What do you think of their explanation?
“I just think that we should be more loving, more caring."
“I’m sorry if the haters have decided that gays over forty are supposed to put on the board shorts, [and] move to the suburbs..."
Swimwear's meant to get wet, right??
to protect and serve and slay!
" I am truly blessed to know her and to have been raised with her as a role model of how one can be driven and accomplished..."
Cathal McCarron opens up in a new autobiography.
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