Mandates countries to stop persecuting individuals
New LGBT-Made Documentary Opens Nationwide
They make such a beautiful couple.
Guess who?!
The restaurant's response to the doors' controversy? It's "a lighthearted gesture to push back against political correctness."
With mermen Instagrammers and multiple annual conventions, mermania is taking over.
Listen to the album and pre-order tickets to his tour across Europe, the US, and Mexico.
"Yes, there might have been a bit of oiling that went on."
"...I think there are a few parents who could take a page out of his playbook."
"Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee..."
Get another glimpse at the handsome ginger hunks! (NSFW-ish!)
Not everyone needs a six pack for the job.
He responded to her multiple claims against the Bravo host.
One alleges Kevin put his hands down his pants, unwarranted.
Star Jones' ex-husband speaks his truth
Thanks, 'Bad Moms!'
Phillies new manager Gabe Kapler still looks mighty fine!
Spoilers ahead... and some tears.
The John Doe says he was impaired, but unprotected by his fellow employees.
Coming Out in 2018
It’s A Characteristic Shared With Their Fathers!
Did they make a difference?
Allegedly claims Spacey had eyes for him when he was 12
"'s honestly blown my mind..."
As usual, Los Angeles titillated, frightened and entertained
"'Work From Home,' I listen to every time, before I go out. I think it's my wedding song."
And that's just half of the story. Now, they're messing with him again.
"Bet your teacher wasn’t this cool!"
Does he believe the character's bullying has romantic subtext?