Play our boyfriend next, John!
Married father of four (and Trump campaign chair) Ralph Shortey has resigned.
When your $465k of plastic, is this a good choice?
Sweat + transparent shorts + tight blue briefs = Perfect combo!!
'The Walking Dead' star had a chat with TMZ on this week's on-screen reveal!
Should Ryan Gosling be worried?
A Spokane, Washington high school football coach is currently under investigation.
The couple will be honored for their work on behalf of children and families in need.
Wearing very little clothing, we might add! (PHOTOS)
Congrats, gents!
“If we had bad customer service or our food was poor, I could understand..."
“The power of God hit him while he was eating the cake.”
You better work, Zac!!
...Under Historic Anti-LGBT Law.
Sexy and smooth! (NSFW)
'The Daily Beast' writer Nico Hines pens an apology seven months after the controversy.
Celine Dion wasn't at the 'Beauty and the Beast' premiere to talk about Adele and Beyonce!
Asia Kate Dillon visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show!
We're loving this office dress code!
He's scheduled for sentencing on May 8.
Touching rendition with a special guest.
The series now has three gay characters as part of its main cast!
Monday's episode had a surprising same-sex reveal!
Michael Henry reading the minds of straight men.
"Hopefully really soon!"
We'd fancy a scrum with this lad! (NSFW-ish)
So far, Apple has contributed more than $130 million to (PRODUCT)RED.
"That's not what you call making America great again. Come on!" 
Certain flights looking to ban all handhelds.