“I Won’t Be Silenced And I Hope You Won’t Be Either.'
'No Shave November' looks good on these guys!
“It’s a way to assert our strength."
How lucky are they?
“We were so grateful to Ben for stepping in to help. He was a real hero."
Whose side are you on?
Who was invited to the men's Cher/Guns'N'Roses wedding?
He needs to get places!
If you have 17 minutes to spare, she has one hell of a story.
Is this the end of the fight or a step in the right direction?
Who is no longer welcome to post?
Yeah, it was 1979, but “Come to Me” was a smash, sweetie
He was "revealed" decades ago.
Does this still hurt their careers for being themselves?
Who doesn't love a little cushion?
That didn't take long...
She discussed this matter when she was on 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'
A mix of Rocky Horror, Weird Science, and Frankenstein.
New look compared to Prince William.
Straight director and lead actor create a moving portrait of the artist as a young (and older) man
Said Biden of Gaga: "I'm here with not only a great friend, but a fierce advocate."
Check out the NSFW-ish GIFs.
...And I Love How They Did It
"Hi, squirrel."
Watch the heartwarming ad.
“Under no circumstance would... the best interest of the child... be promoted by the adoption... by a practicing homosexual.”
What was the catalyst for organizers to plan the walk for this Indian city?
One photo can send a powerful message.
Davis said she's grateful for the support of fans.
When TMZ asked if Andy had spoken to Kathy Griffin, he replied, "Who?"