Happy Hump Day!
And, no, this isn't an Onion story!
"Now it’s just really refreshing to be able to say, like, yeah, I love guys."
The full video is here!
Miracle or what?
The ladies join forces in Iggy's latest video!
A theatrical tribute offered to very few people
Sometimes witholding is a good thing.
Ariana's got the reality star's back while he's in the Big Brother house!
Are YOU insulted?
Good news from the Fourth Circuit!!
LGBT organizations have come together in support of the unarmed teen who was shot and killed by police.
Check out Franco's new photo w/ Zach Quinto from his ex-gay activist film 'Michael.'
To move to...Texas???
Hurdle passed away before legally marrying her wife.
How to keep that hubby!
Kleenex alert!
Is this the 1950s?!
Is President Museveni trying to keep the anti-gay bill from going back on the books?
Quite the prankster that Patrick! (NSFW-ish)