"I signed on for this. It was our secret and we were in it together."
Sweating, grunting, and even our mighty Chris on all fours!! 
K.O. us with that anytime, Robbie! (NSFW)
"The bond between a gay and his gal is special. (In this case, is that the right word...'special'?)"
Dan and Darlene reunite 20 years later!
The nationwide LGBT Resist March will take place instead of the Pride Parade this year in Los Angeles.
Twin James Franco(s) in a porn drama? We'll watch.
Yes, please! Give it a listen!
What else does Savage have to say about Melania Trump?
The 'American Idol' star doubles down on homosexuality being a choice.
His legacy of psychological terror lives on.
Get intimate with the Cocky Boys stud! (NSFW-ish)
Them 'Passionately Making Out' Near Dumpster
Immigration. How Do Americans Really Feel About These Issues?
We had a quick stay in LA and we cannot wait to return.
Double trouble!!
He was also in possession of cocaine.
The attack was on Tulsa, Oklahoma's Dennis R. Neill Equality Center.
He used hook-up apps to solicit the men, then threatened to expose them.
Appearance on Late Late Show has us wanting more.
Can you enter the boxing ring with this kind of weapon?!
The Republican-proposed healthcare plan could make PrEP unaffordable and inaccessible to those that need it.
Fresh on the heels of the Milo profile, Moore points his conservative pen at Matthew Shepard
If you remember "Sammy Jo," we bet you'll love "Samuel Joseph"! It takes a gay man to fill Heather Locklear's shoes.
Children thought they were 'talking' with the real Biebs.
Spoilers! But they are so good!
on his way to International Mr. Leather.
Gets Adam Levine's Attention And Vote.
These sexy bears are pulling out all the stops to crowdfund season six!!
What are these "down under" studs wearing down under...