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Instinct's Leading Men of 2012

As far back as the gay community’s roots can be traced, our greatest successes can often be found in the individual. These are men of character. Men of conviction. These are men from all walks of life who are heroes because no matter what their fight or struggle, their passion and drive ultimately prevailed for the betterment of all.

For nearly a decade Instinct has dedicated each November issue to such individuals—our Leading Men—a collection of diverse gentlemen who, within the varied fields of entertainment, politics, community service and more, have single-handedly strengthened our community. And 2012 was certainly no exception.

Our march toward full equality has seen its fair share of brave soldiers fighting on behalf of same-sex marriage. Be it the first couples in line for marriage licenses at Massachusetts courthouses in 2004 or even our 2010 Leading Men Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, one of the two sets of plaintiffs in the Prop. 8 case now knocking on the door of the U.S. Supreme Court. Activists come in all shapes and sizes, from all generations and backgrounds. And as each is likely to tell you, everyone has his own unique reason and conviction for stepping out in the name of his cause.

The Leading Men for 2012 include...
Shane Bitney Crone: The Bridegroom
Tennessee Loveless: The Color-Blind Creator
Justin Terry-Smith: The Positive Influence

Jeremy Hooper: The Good Guy
Brandon Morgan & Dalan Wells: The “Do Ask, Do Tell” Duo
Robert Levithan: The AIDS Elder
Stan Kiino: The Unifier
Tim Evans: The Viva-LGBT-Vegas Visionary
Ryan James Yezak: The Dynamic Director
Mark S. King: The Survival Guide
Patrick Wang: The Cinematic Economist
Lorenzo Thione: The Effective Entrepreneur
Marcus Lovingood: The Super Gay PAC
Richard Noble: The Pacesetter
Tim Nolan: The Compelling Creative
Lester Alemán: The One Paying It Forward
Mark Jiminez & Beau Chandler: The Marriage Mavericks

For more on this year’s crop of Leading Men, be sure and pick up the new November Issue of Instinct!