RuPaul RuVealed

RuPaul may be in deep reflection in our new December/January issue, but don’t think this cover girl isn’t thinking 2014 and beyond! Here’s the dish on the upcoming season of Drag Race (premiering in February on Logo), new Ru music and more!

We hear you’ve been working on new music and you’re set to release it early in the new year. This will be your 10th album, right?

Probably, I don’t really know. [Laughs] I’m not good with numbers. But I love the process and I hit fucking pay dirt when I met [producer] Lucian Piane. We just have something and I’ve never had that with any other music partner. This kid is just so talented. He knows his music. We sit and we kiki and we laugh and philosophize, the process is just amazing.

We have a song, I can’t tell you the title of it just yet, but it is the biggest hit I’ve ever had  in my life. I can tell because I can’t get this fucking song out of my head! I can’t get it out of my head! [Laughs] But I just love it. He and I really should just continue to write songs together even after this record is finished, because its magic.

And he’s always been great on Drag Race, too.
He’s a lovely, kind person. You know, he’s good TV, too. [Laughs] He’s cute and he’s hilarious.

And this new music will be out around the new season of Drag Race?

Yes, it comes out with the TV show. Along with my new fragrance, which is called “Glamazon,” which I’m so in love with. And we have a makeup line coming out, too.

Shoot! You’re keeping busy...
You know, you’ve got to. You’ve got to. [Laughs]

Well we have to ask about Drag Race. Can you tell us anything about season 6?

You can expect the same eye-popping, gobsmacking entertainment you’ve gotten used to. We know how to do this show. It took us a few seasons to hit our mark, but we know this brand now. And you know, I rewatched the first season for the Ruvisited...

We were rewatching, too! It’s even more hilarious with your commentary cut ins.
[Laugh] It’s funny because watching it now you see the inklings of what it could be, or would be. I don’t think we really hit the mark until season 3, but now, we know how to do this damn show! [Laughs] So season 6 is fantastic. The contestants are hungry and I feel like more skilled. We’ve always had skilled girls, but I think we have more skilled girls in season 6. Girls that really know how to follow through on a challenge.

So it’s still exciting every day you go to set?

I love it! We kiki and we have so much fun. And the show embodies everything I love about pop culture. Because it’s drag we get to take a pinch of this and a pinch of that and we get to reappropriate that and take this in. So we get to do everything on this show—music, comedy, dancing, fashion, political commentary on that human level.

I have a ranch in Wyoming that I go to when I get the chance, and we have our direct TV or whatever and the show is available there. Now this ranch is in the middle of nowhere. So it excites me that kids around the world, maybe in the middle of nowhere, in country’s that I can’t even pronounce are watching this show and getting this fast track to not just gay culture, because gay culture is pop culture. Gay culture has always been pop culture; we’ve always been at the forefront of what’s happening. So these kids are getting a fast track on pop culture that will actually elevate them and bring them to the front of the line for the rest of their lives.

So would you say the show has become mainstream?
Well, to a certain degree although the show is still underground. It hasn’t hit the massive American Idol kinda thing. It’s still growing and it’s still a long way to go until Betty and Joe Beercan know what this thing is. And I kinda dig the fact that it’s still underground and growing.

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Photo by Mathu Andersen