Soapbox: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Whether chasing down ghosts or getting chased by summer psychos, Jennifer Love Hewitt brings the sexy to some of our favorite shows and movies. And with the second season of her hit The Client List about to premiere, you know she’ll be making many a man “happy.” But before she gets down to work, J. Love is sharing her secrets to keeping relationships sexy.




There’s so much I want to say to my gay fans, but let me start with I love, love, love, love, love you! I just love you all and admire your strength and courage and beauty. I appreciate all of your support and celebrate each and every one of you, my faves!


Believe me, I especially appreciated your reactions to those enormous sexy Client Listbillboards of me. It was definitely odd at first, but the way I choose to look at it is that I will be happy to have those photos when I’m 80 and way wrinkly and everything’s hanging much lower than it used to. I look forward to telling my grandkids, “Your grandma had it once. She was really something!” But even though now I can appreciate how silly and fun it all is, it definitely took me a couple days to adjust to seeing giant sexy images of myself literally stopping traffic.


But accepting yourself is a big part of growing up, and for all of us, feeling comfortable and sexy means feeling comfortable with who we are. From a very young age, society shows us what it means to be “sexy” in fashion magazines and movies, and it’s so easy to compare ourselves to those standards or even to each other. But as you get older, you realize it’s the differences in you that make you special—not how much weight you can lose or what your curves look like or your hair or your muscles or anything like that.

What starts to be the most beautiful is the authenticity of who and what you are. I’m in that phase now myself. I’m starting to learn that lesson and I want everyone out there to realize there’s a better definition for what it means to be beautiful. There’s a better definition for what it means to be sexy. You don’t really understand until you’re older.


That doesn’t just go for yourself either, but for helping your romantic partner feel comfortable and sexy, too. The dream should be to find someone you can be and do anything with, and it never feels scary. With someone you love and care about, who feels the same about you, making them feel comfortable to just be themselves is super sexy. For all of us, that should be the dream and the goal: not to live up to a Hollywood beauty ideal, but to be our best, most beautiful selves and to bring that out in those we love, too.


The guys who come to see Riley on The Client List aren’t really looking for sex. They want something much rarer and more precious. They are looking for intimacy, which is something that frightens all of us, because it’s hard work and you have to be so bold. It’s something we as humans don’t offer on the surface. As far as “sex” goes, it’s so much easier to offer someone something that looks like sex. It’s a lot harder to stare someone in the eyes for a long time. It’s a lot harder to touch them slowly. It’s even harder than that to really invest yourself in their mental inner workings to discover what really turns them on. That’s what’s different about Riley and her clients: She is interested in who they are, what they are, what they like and what they need as people to get to their happy ending, not just to their “happy ending.”


Apart from the silliness of our show and the “happy endings” side of it, when I think about The Client List, I am so proud that we have been able to do something new and exciting for Lifetime. I’ve been proud to not just act but also direct. I am proud we took an unconventional storyline and geared it toward female empowerment and that people are enjoying it so much. It’s called a guilty pleasure, which I think is so fun! I’m proud to be a part of something that brings so much pleasure, guilty or not, to so many people. I think we all deserve it!


Moderated by Jonathan Riggs; art by Dave Arkle. The Client List returns to Lifetime in March. Look for The Client List: The First Complete Season on DVD February 26!