Soapbox: Megan Mullally Gets The Last Word

How much do you miss your weekly dose of Karen Walker on TV?! If you’re like us, a whole hell of a lot! (Thank God for syndication.) Of course the talented woman behind the martinis and bitch slaps has been keeping us entertained for years since Will & Grace ended, and now Megan Mullally is taking a heartwarming and hilarious turn in the new film GBF, playing an overly supportive mom to a still-in-the-closet gay teen. Can you say perfect casting? But before you run out and see GBF for yourself, check out what Megan has to say about her continuing and special relationship with the gay community, reuniting with her on-screen BFF Sean Hayes and getting major props from the vice president of the United States.


There were so many reasons for me to love the script for GBF The writing was pretty cute all around, but I really liked the part because I just thought it was a funny dynamic. So many children are disowned for being gay and in a lot of instances the parents are in denial about it. A lot of parents have a really hard time with it, but I just thought it was so funny that this character was so completely fine with it. Bending over backwards to make her son feel comfortable enough to come out that she actually ends up shooting herself in the foot. I mean, it’s embarrassing the lengths to which she goes just to make her son feel comfortable, but also sweet. To have a movie where all the parents are actually unconditionally accepting, it’s a great message to send out there. Maybe this can be a template for parents who might stumble across the movie.

I’m sure I would be a lot like my character in the film. I’m sure that if I’d had children I would have been very buddy-buddy with them. And also very accepting and supportive. My mom was extremely supportive of me growing up, so I feel like I might have tilted in that direction.

And I absolutely still feel the love and support from the gay community. I have a band called Nancy and Beth that I’m really into right now and is going really well. And we recently played a bunch of shows in San Francisco and my band partner, Stephanie Hunt, and I went down to the Castro one night and let’s just say that went over fairly well. And it’s really just so nice to be welcomed so warmly, literally by total strangers. I mean, I love the character Karen also and would like to be friends with her! So I get it.

And I have to say, I don’t watch Will & Grace that often, but when I do see it, it seriously holds up! It’s really funny! And then to suddenly have your show thrown into the political world by the vice president?! There was a crazy flurry of e-mails between all of the key players in Will & Grace when that happened. There was a lot of excitement that day.

On the one hand, it’s kind of mind boggling and you can’t really absorb it. But on the other hand, it makes perfect sense! And I guess recently some Republican went off on a big tear about how Will & Grace has like ruined America or something, so that shows you can’t win ‘em all. But to me, I just can’t believe that Will & Grace is just that much in the zeitgeist that the show is being referred to in the debate about gay marriage.

And, on a related note, I’m so excited to be reuniting with Sean [Hayes on Sean Saves The World]. We’re shooting in February, and I’m just really so excited! We’re trying to make it a little more of an event, rather than just me coming on a show as some character. So I’ll be playing his sister, which should be fun. And this will be the first time we’ve acted together since Will & Grace. I was actually offered a role in Promises, Promises when he was doing the show on Broadway. Katie Finneran got pregnant and left the show and they wanted me to come in and replace her. I really wanted to do it. It’s a great part and would have been so much fun, but I had an illness in the family at the time and wasn’t able to do it. So I guess you could say this reunion is long overdue. Together again!

GBF is in select theaters now and will be released on DVD on Feb. 11. If you're in the Los Angeles area, Megan will be appearing at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica for two shows on Saturday, February 22.You can catch up with all things Megan at

Art by Dave Arkle